Covid measures

To keep our guests safe we have introduced some new measures and operating procedures as identified via our Covid-19 risk assessment.

These measures include:

Transferring guests to premises
  • Separately arriving bags touched only by baggage company
  • Doors opened for guests
  • Ensure guests sit at back of transfer vehicle where possible
  • Sanitised handles and seats before travelling
  • Ensure windows are open weather permitting
  • Guests carry own bags
Within premises
  • Heightened cleaning and disinfection to disinfect all frequently touched areas in communal areas such as tables, chairs, banister, light switches, bell-ring, etc
  • Contactless check-in as details previously captured online
  • Guests pick-up sanitised keys from room
  • Door-step requests for accommodation no longer accepted.
  • Accommodation requests must be in advance and booked online or via the telephone.
  • Doors opened for guests
  • Sanitising gel offered on entry
  • Guests enter the house with appropriate social distance and can go straight to their room
  • Keys are sanitised and left in room door for guest to pick up themselves
  • Hand sanitiser is available throughout the premises
  • Poster information is visible to encourage safe social distancing
  • Multiple guest arrivals to be staggered. Guests may wait outside or in breakfast area to maintain social distance.
  • Signage displayed for social distancing
Breakfast provision
  • Breakfast may be served to the room at guest’s request and left at doorway on tray. Guests staying one night may leave tray in the room. Otherwise trays will be collected from the room or from the hallway before checkout time. Trays to be disinfected before and after each use.
  • All rooms undergo a deep clean
  • Furniture placement ensures guest groups
    – do not have to share tables and food containers
    – can be socially distanced from other guest groups
  • Tables kept a metre and a half apart
  • Doors left open for ventilation
  • Breakfast times are staggered
  • People left alone whilst eating
  • Each guest group to have its own cereals, juice, milk and condiments available
Guests movements in and out of premises
  • Evening light is kept on so guest doesn’t have to use timer light switch
  • Sanitising gel kept at entrance to premises
  • Breakfast room closed unless specifically arranged for evening meal
Payment and check-out
  • All payments in advance via BACS or PayPal
  • Guests carry own bags to be stowed in hallway prior to departure
  • Payment is online
Suspected Covid cases
  • If a guest presents themselves with symptoms of COVID-19 or is asymptomatic but declares the need to self-isolate, they should be advised to self-isolate according to current government guidance.
  • Public health advice from the government:
  • Hand washing:
  • Social Distancing:
  • If showing symptoms, they should self-isolate and request a test. If positive they should go home. If a guest cannot reasonably return home (for example because they are not well enough to travel or do not have the means to arrange transport), their circumstances will be discussed with an appropriate health care professional and, if necessary, the local authority. Guests should follow government guidance on dealing with possible or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.
  • If the guest shows acute symptoms has breathing difficulties or their life is at potential risk, seek medical help immediately
  • If the guest is unable to return home the room will not be made up or cleaned as per usual and individual cases will be looked at to minimise risk.
  • After guest departure the room will remain unoccupied for at least 72 hours before cleaning.
Enhanced sanitation
  • Heightened cleaning every 3 hours for
    – Kitchen surfaces
    – Handles and switches
  • After each breakfast group sitting all surface areas, handles, furniture and switches disinfected