About us

Ian & Jayne

Your hosts are Jayne & Ian and we have lived and worked in Newcastle for over 25 years. We had settled in Wylam for about 10 years when the B&B came to market.

Looking for a new challenge we decided to breathe a new lease of life into this historic property that had been much loved in the past but was looking a little tired.

About Wormald House

Until recently the house was fully pebble-dashed and the iron work from the garden had been removed. We exposed the stone around the windows and re-instated the railings to hopefully bring back some of its original splendour.

To learn more about Wormald House we should go back in time. Our house is named after Joseph Wormald, who oversaw the Prudhoe colliery, based just three miles away. Wormald chose to live in Wylam and built this house for his family circa. 1888.

A butcher’s shop was always part of the design of the house. Wormald’s brother was Thomas Leathard, the village butcher for many years (see the name above the window in the photo). This is now our breakfast room! (Read more about our breakfasts). At the back of the house was a small slaughterhouse serving the butcher’s shop until 1990. This is now home to the Wood Oven – a fabulous artisan pizza restaurant!

About Wylam

We consider Wylam to be a great village and here’s why:

  1. You can find Wylam on the banks of the River Tyne surrounded by beautiful green countryside. The village has plenty of walking trails to enjoy.
  2. As a lasting testament to the 19th century industrial revolution Wylam boasts some historical treasures that visitors to the area (as well as train-spotters!) may find interesting. Wylam is the birthplace of George Stephenson, the inventor of the steam locomotive. You can walk to his birthplace on the Waggonway and the National Trust maintains this cottage and museaum. The village has a strong industrial heritage. It is home to several historic buildings and landmarks, including the Grade 2 listed railway Station Master’s house, the footbridge and the signal box.
  3. Wylam has a strong sense of community, with many local events and activities throughout the year. The village has a range of community groups and organisations, including sports clubs, arts groups, and charities. Places like the Wylam Institute, the Falcon Centre and the Wylam Community Playing Fields bring people together creating a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.
  4. Despite its rural location, Wylam is well-connected to nearby Newcastle. We are on the main railway line from Newcastle to Carlisle and just two stops away from Metro Centre shopping. Trainline asked us to put a link on here to help you plan your journey so here it is along with our local London & North East Railway planner.
  5. The vibrant village has a range of amenities. Within a few minutes walk from us you can find 4 nice pubs, a bistro, a cafe and of course our excellent pizzeria.

We love living here because Wylam offers a perfect balance of natural beauty, historical significance, community spirit, and convenience.